The Hollow Willow Health Store -  20% off

The Hollow Willow Health Store - 20% off

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Purchase a $25 gift card to The Hollow Willow Health Store for just $20!

About The Hollow Willow Health Store:

The Hollow Willow is a unique boutique in downtown Paris Ontario situated along the Grand River. It's bright, warm and inviting and smells amazing! It is more than just a health store. In addition to exceptional and knowledgeable customer service, you'll also find locally made artisan products like pottery and woodworking as well as handy-crafts, zero waste products, aromatherapy, natural make-up and more. If you like dogs you'll love it here - Hazel the shop dog is the official greeter!

Address: 15 Grand River St. N. Paris, ON N3L 2L9.


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