What does this platform do?

GIFTforward is a listing platform for local businesses to sell discounted gift cards during the pandemic for use once they are once again operational post pandemic.

Up until when will I be able to buy gift cards?

As the economy has continued to re-open, we have ended our gift card sales as of August 31, 2020. 

How do I receive my gift card?

Once you have purchased a gift card, you’ll immediately receive a confirmation of your purchase from us. Our gift cards are electronic and you will receive an e-gift card by e-mail within 3-5 business days from us with a unique code for each gift card purchased. 

When can I start using my gift card?

While re-opening activities have begun, many businesses remain closed or are not ready to begin redeeming e-gift cards. We have created a live status tracker to keep track of which businesses can currently accept gift cards. Your e-gift card is NOT redeemable unless stated on the status tracker. Please check the status tracker first before heading to the store! 

Can I gift a gift card to a friend? 

Sure! Simply forward the e-gift card that you have received to your friend. They can redeem it in store simply by showing it to the business. 

Do you issue refunds?

All gift cards are final sale. However, we recognize that during these tough times some businesses will unfortunately have to close, which is precisely why we want to support them with gift cards to help keep their doors open! That said, we require our partner businesses to notify us if there is any significant likelihood that they will become insolvent or will be permanently closing their business. If we have not sent your payment to the business yet before they notify us, we will refund to you the amount that you paid.

Are there any fees?

We charge zero fees to businesses. We do add a 3% fee to your purchase to cover payment processing costs - this allows every dollar to go towards helping the businesses!

Does my gift card expire?

Pursuant to consumer protection laws, your gift card won’t expire. However, we encourage you to show your local business some love sooner rather than later! Any issues or questions surrounding redemption should be directed to the business for whom you purchased a gift card.

Do I have to use the gift card all at once?

Not at all! You are welcome to redeem your gift card in partial amounts, up until the full value is used. Each business will have their own system to keep track of their gift cards and stored value. If you have any questions about your stored value, please reach out to the business.

Where do you operate?

We are operational primarily in Toronto, but support limited vendors in London, ON, BC and Miami.

Who can I reach out to if I have more questions?

Please don’t hesitate to email us at customer@giftforward.co! You can also read more about the gift cards in our Terms of Sale.

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