About Us

Dawn Kelly runs a health food restaurant in Queens, NY. She’s a single mom and an entrepreneur who recently launched her business — so new that she hasn’t been able to take a salary yet.

COVID-19 is hurting her sales, and things took a turn for the worse with the recent shutdown. Kelly is preparing to reach into her personal savings, and even her retirement account. She has yet to fire any employees, but she told ABC news that to make ends meet “everything is on the table.”

It’s unclear how long the shutdown will last, what’s clear is that it’s going to disproportionately hurt small businesses.

A 4 week shutdown can cost a restaurant $40,000 and put them in the red until July. 8 weeks would cost $80,000 and would hurt until October.

They’d love your help.

We are “GIFTforward” — a social-good organization partnering with local businesses to offer gift cards that you can buy through our platform, to be used once these businesses are allowed to re-open.

That means local businesses get the cash they need, and you have something to look forward to post-pandemic.

To sweeten the offer, businesses will be providing these gift cards at a discount — we know people are hurting as well and we want to make supporting restaurants accessible.

Don’t see your favourite business? Let us know and we’ll reach out. They can be in any city.

Better yet, call your favourite local business and tell them to work with us. It takes very little time to get set up with us. They can sign up here.

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